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GPS trackers - an instument for non-legal immigration control

GPS trackers – an instument for non-legal immigration control

Border enforcement officials are looking at using electronic supervision tools such as the use of GPS electronic monitoring that can track geographical location as an alternative to jailing those who breach Canada’s immigration law. This system will be piloted in the Greater Toronto Area, said the Canada Border Services Agency, and could come as early as April.

“The CBSA’s ability to monitor, track and locate individuals is critical to the success of the immigration enforcement program,” the agency said in its tender issued.

The use of GPS equipment will be leveraged through an agreement with Correctional Service Canada and the technology is expected to cost roughly $38 a day per person, including the acquisition of the tools and staffing resources.

In 2016, 6,251 adults and 162 minors were detained by the border agency, and about a third of the adults were held in provincial jails. The average length of detention was about 20 days. It costs Ottawa $239 per day per detainee.

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