When transporting goods you may control:

  • schedule of movement;
  • vehicles delay;
  • acomplete reproduction of the route with a report on the movement, speed, stops, fuel consumption, etc.

   In conditions of severe competition in the freight market the key to  success  is a timely and cost-effective transportation of goods, awareness of the condition and location of vehicles, control of numerous related processes. GPS-monitoring system of transport FreeTrack provides a wide range of tools to achieve goals that will reduce costs, optimize resources and automise the control.

FreeTrack offers cargo carriers the following features:

  • To track real-time vehicle and cargo and control in "on-line" mode the movement of vehicles and goods. The data are displayed on the electronic map in the form of summary reports.
  • To monitor the compliance with route, setting control zones and routes for different types of vehicles on the electronic map by using dispatch software. All crossings of the borders of the control zone or detour that the system detects are immediately reported to the dispatcher of the client.
  • To identify misuse of vehicles by drivers, to prevent the implementation of the so-called "Left flights"
  • To monitor fuel consumption, volume of petrol refills and discharges, time and place of petrol stations.
  • To monitor the opening of doors of containers and cargo compartments using appropriate devices.
  • The time and place of opening the cargo compartment or container are fixed by system which informs the responsible manager or supervisor.
  • To reduce the cost of mobile calls, especially when the driver is in roaming (this is common for international carriers).
  • To control the humidity and temperature in the containers or cargo compartments using temperature sensors. Due to this the system makes a report on the mismatch of the temperature regime and, consequently, makes able to view the messages in real time about the violation of a temperature mode and to review reports of deviations from the specified temperatures for a specified period of time, both in digital and graphical form.
  • To arrange logistics freight forwarding service
  • It will help create a variety of specialised reports.

Fuel consumption rate:

1DAF 105.410 FTXF (300 kW)22,3л
2DAF 105.460 FTXF (340 kW)22,4л
3DAF 105.460T FTXE (340 kW, 12 АКПП)20,6л
4DAF 1236 Pegaso (265 kW)23,8л
5DAF 2300 (169 kW)19,8л
6DAF 32.281 (207 kW)22,3л
7DAF 33 TE KS (274 kW)22,8л
8DAF 3600 ATi (274 kW)23,8л
9DAF 47 TE W TD (265 kW)23,8л
10DAF 85 CF (316 kW)20,0л
11DAF 85 TE XC (315 kW)22,8л
12DAF 85.400 (дв. WS295M)21,8л
13DAF 85.410 FT CF (301 KW)21,0л
14DAF 85.430 FT CF (316 kW)20,0л
15DAF 95 TE (316 kW)22,6л
16DAF 95 XF (280 kW)23,9л
17DAF 95 XF (315 kW)24,7л
18DAF 95 XF FT (316 kW)22,6л
19DAF 95 XF TE (390 kW)23,8л
20DAF 95.31023,1л
21DAF 95.35023,5л
22DAF 95.36023,8л
23DAF 95.380 XF (279 kW)21,4л
24DAF 95.40024,2л
25DAF 95.43024,7л
26DAF 95.430 FT ATi (дв. W5315M)24,7л
27DAF 95.430 FT XF (315 kW)22,4л
28DAF 95.480 FT XF (355 kW)22,9л
29DAF 95.480 XF (355 kW)22,9л
30DAF 95.50023,4л
1MAN 12.17015,7л
2MAN 14.232(192kW)21,1л
3MAN 16.332(дв.D2866LS)22,8л
4MAN 16.362(266kW)23,5л
5MAN 17.27220,4л
6MAN 17.32222,8л
7MAN 17.332(244kW)22,8л
8MAN 17.37224,2л
9MAN 17.42221,4л
10MAN 18.32323,8л
11MAN 18.34323,9л
12MAN 18.363(265kW)20,9л
13MAN 18.37324,3л
14MAN 18.40324,8л
15MAN 18.413FLLS/N23,6л
16MAN 18.413FLS(301kW)23,6л
17MAN 18.41424,6л
18MAN 18.46322,0л
19MAN 19.26223,1л
20MAN 19.27220,7л
21MAN 19.281FLSBL23,4л
22MAN 19.29120,5л
23MAN 19.32223,8л
24MAN 19.33121,2л
25MAN 19.33223,8л
26MAN 19.34223,9л
27MAN 19.34323,9л
28MAN 19.36124,2л
29MAN 19.36224,2л
30MAN 19.36420,9л
31MAN 19.364FL24,3л
32MAN 19.37224,4л
33MAN 19.37324,4л
34MAN 19.40225,2л
35MAN 19.40321,4л
36MAN 19.403FL25,4л
37MAN 19.414FL24,9л
38MAN 19.42225,1л
39MAN 19.46225,4л
40MAN 19.46325,4л
41MAN 19.464FLS22,0л
42MAN 19.502FLSBL29,5л
43MAN 22.33224,6л
44MAN 22.37220,9л
45MAN 22.40321,4л
46MAN 22.414FPLT21,6л
47MAN 22.42221,9л
48MAN 22.42325,2л
49MAN 26.40321,5л
50MAN 40.604DFAT41,3л
51MAN F02(дв.D2866LF,260kW)23,8л
52MAN F2000(19.403)25,2л
53MAN F2000(19.463)22,0л
54MAN TGA0118.413FLSTS(301kW)21,4л
55MAN TGA18.350(257kW)20,1л
56MAN TGA18.350(257kW,12АКПП)23,3л
57MAN TGA18.36320,9л
58MAN TGA18.39019,9л
59MAN TGA18.400(294kW)20,0л
60MAN TGA18.41023,6л
61MAN TGA18.43020,0л
62MAN TGA18.440(324kW)20,0л
63MAN TGA18.480(353kW)20,7л
64MAN TGA18.510(375kW)22,2л
65MAN TGA19.350(257kW)20,1л
66MAN TGA19.390(287kW)20,6л
67MAN TGA26.390(287kW)23,7л
68MAN TGA26.480(353kW)24,5л
69MAN TGA460(338kW)22,0л
70MAN TGX18.400(294kW)20,4л
71MAN TGX18.440(324kW)20,6л
72MAN TGX28.480(353kW)6х2-222,4л