GPS monitoring system FREETRACK - one of the market leaders in GPS services with many years of experience of active work offers to be our exclusive partner in your area.

The prospects of development of this activity based on the research of experts in the field of the market of satellite monitoring of transport. According to experts, the control of transport in Ukraine is carried out only on 10% and the further development of the appropriate direction is obvious.

We provide you the opportunity of cooperation and development in the market of satellite monitoring of transport. With the right attitude towards business, you will receive a monthly salary through monthly fee for monitoring objects and consequently your earnings will depend only on your ambitions.

Thanks to customers' needs, we improved our system capabilities and at this stage we can confidently offer a solution to any problems in monitoring traffic. The peculiarity of the software part of our system is the fact that it is developed by our IT specialists and any customer requirements can be implemented in reality.

You will get the access to our office server and all the introductory material for your further work. We provide all the necessary technical equipment with the appropriate settings for your customers and provide technical support from our side. So, all you need is to make clear to your potential customer that our product selection GPS will help him to optimize the cost of maintenance of the fleet and thereby save money.

Therefore, for successful development of your business must:

  • Give potential customers understanding of the benefits of connecting to our system..
  • Offer our devices of known brands in the field of satellite monitoring, and connect them to the system FREETRACK to save money of the owner of the fleet.
  • Conduct trainings fot the personnel of potential customer for the system FREETRACK.

From our side we offer:

  • Effective and simple business model for stable income;
  • User-friendly software with web interface developed by our specialists;
  • A full range of implementation of services and technical support of GPS tracking system;
  • A flexible system of discounts depending on the number of installed GPS trackers;
  • Marketing and advertising support.