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BCE FMS500 Tacho is a new generation fleet management device with full range of CAN-BUS data, remote tachograph data download and a wide variety of available accessories which make this device a powerful tool for satisfying the needs of the most demanding customer in fleet management field.

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BCE FMS500 Tacho is an advanced GPS tracker designed for different types of vehicles such as trucks, agriculture, building and other special machinery. Device purpose is to track and monitor vehicle and its activity parameters. Despite the data provided by GPS tracking this device also obtains vehicles on-board computer (2 simultaneous CAN-bus connections) data from FMS and J1708 standards. Also FMS500 Tacho can be used for remote reading of tachograph data


  • 2 CAN lines operating simultaneously
  • Remote reading of tachograph data / real-time tachograph data
  • 4 Digital inputs
  • 2 Analogue inputs
  • 2 Digital outputs
  • RS232 / RS485
  • 1Wire
  • Wiegand 26 bit
  • Internal GSM antenna
  • Internal GPS antenna
  • Internal memory 4 МB, up to 150.000 entries

  The device allows to implement wide range of fleet management tasks resulting in an absolute control over the fleet, operating costs reduction and increased efficiency.

 Due to RS232 and RS485 ports ability to work at the same FMS500 Tacho can be connected with up 14 fuel level sensors ensuring the best fuel monitoring and control. Moreover this devices is equipped with 1-Wire interface that allows to install additional accessories related to vehicles safety and control improvement.



  • Quad-band 900/1800 MHz
  • GSM/GPRS class 10 (up to 85,6 kbit), class B
  • SMS (text, data)


  • GPS/GLONASS module – sensitivity -164 dBm


  • 2 CAN lines operating simultaneously:
  • 4 Digital inputs
  • 2 Analogue inputs
  • 2 Digital outputs
  • FMS CAN (protocol J1939) 
  • Volvo/Renault CAN (protocol J1708, without adapters)
  • Main LCV CAN data 
  • 1-Wire (iButton)
  • RS-232
  • RS-485
  • Wiegand 26 bit
  • Accelerometer (3 axes)
  • Internal GSM antenna
  • Internal GPS antenna
  • 4 MB internal memory
  • Power Supply 8 – 31 V 
  • Firmware updating via GPRS)
  • Configuration over the air through GPRS or USB
  • Operational temperature – from -40 to +85 C°
  • Dimensions: 68 x 91 x 19 mm
  • Track & trace
  • Remote tachograph data download
  • 2 simultaneous CAN-bus connections
  • FMS CAN & sensors via J1939
  • Main LCV CAN data
  • Geofencing and overspeeding
  • Fuel level sensors (analog, frequency and digital)
  • Driver identification
  • RFID support
  • Temperature/humidity sensors
  • Remote output control and immobilization
  • Remote temperature read from digital thermograph
  • SDK – Unique scenarios  and algorithms * (optional)

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